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Seattle trio Afrocop performs improvised soundscapes of soul, afrobeat, breakbeat, sci-fi and jazz. Chicago native Noel Brass Jr. (keys) formed the band as a means to express his psychedelic gospel leanings. Veteran Seattle players Andy Sells (FCS North, Cascadia '10, Fascination Nation) and Carlos Tulloss (SCREENS, Stereo Sons, Undersea Passage) bring the beats and low end to the mix.

playAlien Criminal Land (ACL)

Alien Criminal Land (ACL)

After "many years of searching far and wide for signs of life... the fleet descends the cloudline." On the voyage: Warren Nelson and Skeeze Harmon share guitars and voices, Doug Port and Mark Sickafoose interact on drums, Carlos Tulloss centers on bass and David Delmar writes the parables. Featured vocalists include Bernadette Ayers and AnonIMust.



Sailing on the nightvision rhythms of Mike O'Doherty (drums) and Carlos Tulloss (bass), Seattle group Atma has quickly evolved into an adventurous performance collective. Sci-fi, souljazz, soundscapes and dub grooves keep their shows surprising... as does the expansive crew of artists, featuring Joe Doria and Leif Dalan on B3 and Rhodes, saxophone player Brett Joseph, guitar wizard Ari Zucker and flute player Allison Noel.



Jazz fusion trio casting light through smog in LA. Featuring wildman Doug Port on drums, layered with Warren Nelson on guitar and Carlos Tulloss on bass. Dubslinger: The Movie opens (your mind).



As dawn breaks over the murky waste, twin bassists stride through the mist. Greenhorse awakes. Wispy curls of fog creep between them and dance among the reeds, slick with dew. Very slowly, their crystalline voices reach into the blooming firmament. Flashing tones burst forth from their mossy guitars. And then the beat. Velvet drumloops chase the last of the fading night as downy strips of living sound fall to the moist earth. Greenhorse walks into the pulsing daylight trailing ribbons of melody behind them.

playMichael Spaly

Michael Spaly

Michael Spaly began his musical study as a child and contributes his unique skills on guitar, mandolin and violin to a variety of Northwest musical acts including Creeping Time, Sam Russell & the Harborrats, and Undersea Passage. This page features his creative "solo" recordings which again feature a number of friends and collaborators. Michael brings a special generosity to his playing.

playOcean Tone

Ocean Tone

A variety of recordings - many instrumental, atmospheric, and soundtrack oriented - featuring the work of Carlos and Allison Tulloss and a large number of contributors including Nate Spicer, Andy Sells, John Bennett, Brett Joseph, Dodie, Ronald Barnes, Mike Perrine & David Delmar.



Screens have become the interface we use to interact with our external world. Humans are Screens on which particles and energy collect to become conscious. We use Screens to project our internal selves to each other. Screens are the point of exchange between nothing and something. Like this music that wasn't here, but now is.

playSpace Folk

Space Folk

A storytelling circle of unknown origin grew into a reunion of an ancestry of music and friendship. Contributers include John Bennett, Skeeze Harmon, David Delmar, Allegra Chabay, Sarah Snavely, travist.paine, Carlos Tulloss, Lorin Santaloci, Mark Sickafoose, Warren Nelson, Constance Leab, Mike Spencer, Adam Huntress and Vesper Gers.



Travis has a voice that makes painters dance and poets climb trees. His music is not a born talent... it is the sound of a mystic journey... blessings and sorrows... lessons and soft still moments of forever.

play Undersea Passage

Undersea Passage

Undersea Passage perform storylike roots music, channeling old ballads and ocean currents to offer ethereal movements laced with haunting verse. David Delmar (voice, rhythm guitar) and the deep blue Allison Noel (voice, flute, keys) perform many songs as duets, highlighted by the rhythm play of Doug Port (drums) and arranger Carlos Tulloss (bass). An array of guest stars add a vibrant dimension.