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Cosmic Lag Birdwire [buy album]
Forever In A Day Birdwire [buy album]
Midnight Radio Birdwire [buy album]
Snakes Birdwire [buy album]
Wedding Song Birdwire

Dan Heck Trio

Art Bar 7.29.6 Dan Heck Trio

Dirty Scientifix

Art & Culture Dirty Scientifix
Black Belt MC Dirty Scientifix
Clean Dirty Scientifix
Desperation Dirty Scientifix [buy album] [video]
Don't Want That Dirty Scientifix [buy album]
Spy Song Dirty Scientifix
Where The Mic Is Dirty Scientifix
Wishful Dirty Scientifix

D.evolution.Aires / Justin Roeser

101 South D.evolution.Aires [buy album]
Rescue Justin Roeser & The EN Council
Rescue (original) Justin Roeser
Why Justin Roeser & The EN Council
You-Kiah D.evolution.Aires [buy album]

Inner Ear Brigade

25 Miles To Freedom Inner Ear Brigade [buy album]
Baby Wants To Play Inner Ear Brigade
Knee Inner Ear Brigade
Knee (early) Inner Ear Brigade
Rainbro Inner Ear Brigade [buy album]
San Inner Ear Brigade

Low Budget Astronaut

Doubts (demo) Low Budget Astronaut
Fall Guy (demo) Low Budget Astronaut
Gas Is Gone Low Budget Astronaut
Love (Leaf, Umbrella, Fire, Footprints) Low Budget Astronaut

Quieting Syrup

Dec 7th 2003 Quieting Syrup
Passwords to a Fort Full of Pills Quieting Syrup

Sam Russell

Dive Bar Blues (Crossing Russell Road) Sam Russell with The Harborrats [buy high res]
I Am The Ghost Sam Russell [buy album]


Oh Wide, The Sea Skipstar (feat. Allegra Chabay)
Sequential Step Skipstar

Stereo Sons

Bladecatcher Stereo Sons
One Block Stereo Sons
Right Thing Wrong Stereo Sons [buy album]


Circular Data (remix) Swampdweller
Dragontail Swampdweller
Dragontail (remix) Swampdweller

The Vig

Alien Action Whacker The Vig
Biscuits The Vig

Ocean Tone is a West Coast artist network... exploring new horizons in collaborative expression.

painting by Travis Turnsen

painting by Travis Turnsen