Cracks (The Story Of Time)

words on a page

writ like cracks on a dried-away plain

chipping in patterns to tell the story of time

after the forming... the earth or the idea

it sat burning away with reflection

shaded in grays of retelling

the eye light scorching the white

the definitive line of separation

between consciousness and word...

space and decision...

the land asks the sun many questions...

answers are frozen like gaps in the unknown

interpretations settle like dust

filling in some of the deepest truths

with translation

to make the wonder into understanding

the crust becomes cognition

and sometimes... looking at the lines

we see what made them

the impulse of the sun to rise

emotion as description...

and sometimes you see the cracks glancing back

sometimes the words... they know you

Words by David Delmar. 2003

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