Cold In Chicago

there was a burst... and shortly afterward

the blood came glistening down

and the wound that grazed his ear

wouldn’t let him hear the crying or the sobbing

that he left to hang around

how could you leave me to face the cold of Chicago all alone?

but his eyes couldn’t see her fright

and she could only feel the plight as her loneliness grows

and the hours turned to days, the weeks to years

you’ll find your way eventually

and i know you’re so tired of searching for resolution

the awful things we’ve seen will surely behind us

surely be behind us

traversing the coastlands of northern California

i rise above the green ravine

and glancing at the vastness of the great aquamarine

smiled with bliss to eternity and said

love gives its breath to all those that walk the land

a spirit to be the life

and light to open the eyes of the blind

bring out the prisoners of darkness

don’t make it so hard on yourself

you’ll find your way eventually

and all this time i’m searching for a solution

the awful things we’ve seen will surely be behind us

some caught the dust on the street... daydreams drift to

your mother’s words to shade you from the heat

how did we young ones get so old?

hoping to see the other side of the morning

i watch the golden fade from the waterfront

you’ll find your way eventually

the impossible dream is not quite what it seems

hoping love will find us

Words by Carlos Tulloss & David Delmar. ©1998

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