An Angel Below

angel dreams have come... pulling me

canít believe what they make me see

all that silence is all around... screaming out of the silent ground

ďwere you hiding?Ē now reminded of all that iíve come to dream

and if i believe that i am still there

i could be received in unguarded air

the guardian of all that reach to keep hold

the keeper of old... an angel below

angel dreams cover over me

make-believe what i cannot see

hidden deep in a hiding place... where i speak of my dying state

as iím lying... now confiding in all that enter in sleep

iíve fallen in dreams... iíve gotten up there

what has made me now is sleeping upstairs

the giver of all thatís taken me on

iím giving in... gone the darkness of dawn

and if i could reach... that might help me out

iím lying beneath whatís true beyond doubt

iím floating in faith... the waves and the sky

iím dreaming away and waving goodbye

Words by David Delmar & Sarah Snavely. ©1995

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