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AnonIMust | MC, Conga Player [ACL]
Bernadette Ayers | Singer [ACL]
John Bennett | Producer, Bass Player [Space Folk] [Undersea Passage]
Mickel Campbell | Photographer [Photos]
Allegra Chabay | Poet, Singer [Space Folk] [Undersea Passage]
Rob Crecine | Engineer, Hammond Player [Site]
Leif Dalan | Keyboard Player [Atma]
David Delmar | Songwriter, Archivist [ACL] [Photos] [Space Folk] [Undersea Passage]
Joe Doria | Hammond and Piano Player [Atma] [Site] [Undersea Passage]
Mike Ferraro | Drummer, Percussionist [Undersea Passage]
Abigail Fein | Percussionist, Singer/Songwriter [Atma]
Paul Fischer | Singer/Songwriter, Guitar Player [Paul Fischer Writes Songs] [Undersea Passage]
Vesper Gers | Yogi, Visual Artist, Poet [Visuals]
Skeeze Harmon | Guitar Player, Songwriter [ACL] [Space Folk]
Adam Hunter | Singer/Songwriter, Woodwork Artist [MySpace]
Adam Huntress | Glass Blower, Guitar Player, Surfer [MySpace]
Narissa Johnson | Gospel Singer [Undersea Passage]
Brett Joseph | Sax Player [Atma] [Lord Loves A Working Man] [MySpace] [Undersea Passage]
Warren Nelson | Guitar Player, Songwriter [ACL] [Castaneda] [Dubslinger] [Space Folk] [Undersea Passage]
Allison Noel | Singer, Flute Player [Atma] [Undersea Passage]
Mike O'Doherty | Drummer [Atma]
travist.paine | Singer/Songwriter, Visual Artist [Recordings][Space Folk] [Visuals]
Doug Port | Drummer [ACL] [Dubslinger] [Lord Loves A Working Man] [Undersea Passage]
Raymond Raymond | Visual Artist [Visuals]
Lorin Santaloci | Singer [Space Folk]
Mark Sickafoose | Drummer [ACL] [Space Folk]
Sarah Snavely | Violin Player, Singer [Dag för Dag] [Space Folk]
Michael Spaly | Guitar, Violin & Mandolin Player, Singer [Site] [Undersea Passage]
Mike Spencer | Conga Player [Space Folk]
Nate Spicer | Keyboard Player [MySpace] [Undersea Passage]
Carlos Tulloss | Bass Player, Composer [ACL] [Atma] [Dubslinger] [Space Folk] [Undersea Passage]
Ron Weinstein | Organ Player [Atma] [MySpace]
Wuddha | Singer [Boogilistics] [Sum Mo' Records]
Ari Zucker | Guitar Player [Arisawkadoria] [Atma]



the alphabet versus the goddess by Leonard Shlain
artist trust grants for northwest artists
azure ray mesmerizing female music duo
beta lounge video performance archive
blue scholars Seattle's own Geologic (MC) and Sabzi (DJ/producer)
bob dylan an inspiring poet whose words gather like old friends
dumpster values Olympia, Washington based artist collective
eddy joe cotton and the Yard Dogs road show
fourth city dj and hip-hop flavoured indie label and urban artist network
free will astrology rob brezsny and his crystal ball
guayaki rainforest grown organic yerba maté
guild crafting fine guitars and basses
home alive teaching tools for a life free from violence and hate
hsdc hearing, speech & deafness center
joe doria hammond b3 miracle worker and Seattle hometown hero
john wicks a drummer like no other
kbcs 91.3 fm worldwide jazz and folk
kexp 90.3 fm where the music matters
maktub putting the soul in soul music, Seattle style
modest mouse a mini musical revolution from Issaquah, Washington
monkeystack musician and freelance technology consultant Michael Spaly
mouth and foot painting artists splendid artists with unique commitment
mr spots chai house morning glory chai and live tunes
myspace.com a place for friends
nonesuch an outstanding record label
reggie watts sky captain and the world of tomorrow
saddle creek indie label of Bright Eyes and Azure Ray
smokeybear.com only you can prevent forest fires
sweet skins organic apparel by Mira Fannin
syncopated taint Seattle jazz wonder Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet
sum mo' records Wuddha and the adventures of indie soul
ten years of my life daily photo journal of Matthew Haughey
tribe13.com representing galactic art and culture
undersea passage storylike roots music
wilco someday some morning sometime

Ocean Tone is a West Coast artist network... exploring new horizons in collaborative expression.

photo by David Delmar

photo by David Delmar